Dr. Vryghem's policy statement


We are a modern professional eye clinic

focused on providing ophthalmic expertise,

especially refractive surgery and cataract surgery,

including various sub-specialities.

As Brussels Eye Doctors our hallmarks are as follows: a boundless dynamism, extremely high professional standards and personalised contact with our patients, our team of doctors and our administrative/paramedical staff. 

We observe the highest quality standards applicable to medical practice, whereby we seek to act as pioneers in the use of new techniques and applications. Moreover, we create the necessary space for exercising those sub-specialities in ophthalmology that are important for our patients and are performed by our team of doctors.

We guarantee a modern patient-oriented structure with:

  • a professional reception service (to listen, inform and provide guidance in several languages),
  • effective and agreeable eye care,
  • top-notch services, and
  • optimal availability and accessibility

We thus aim to ensure that all our patients are certain that they have received the best possible care in the best possible conditions.

We provide a stimulating and educational environment for our employees which enables them to develop and progress by giving their work a personal touch and by promoting their sense of responsibility.

Through efficient management, which we are always monitoring and improving, we aim to enlarge our practice in such a way that our long-term development keeps our values firmly in place, always in accordance with the applicable rules of law.

- 1 JANUARY 2006 -