Eye operation – Eye laser

Life without glasses or contact lenses thanks to an eye operation

If you hate glasses or contact lenses, or suffer discomfort while wearing them, then an eye operation, with or without an eye laser, will offer you comfort. There are a range of surgical techniques that we use to conduct an eye operation. They correct almost all refractive anomalies. This will give you great or complete independence from glasses or contact lenses.


Eye operation offers new prospects

Glasses and contact lenses used to be the only way to correct refractive disorders of the human eye. Now various eye operations in refractive surgery offer new prospects: not only for myopia, but also for astigmatism or hypermetropia.

Eye operation with or without eye laser

New techniques in refractive surgery change the curvature of the cornea with an eye laser. Lasik is the most commonly used technique with an eye laser. Current eye lasers guarantee reliable results, in terms of safety, stability and efficacy. Femto-Lasik is the latest development in refractive laser surgery. The cutting of the flap is not done mechanically in this case, but with the Femtosecond eye laser. The result is minimal wounding and a much faster rate of recovery.

Being alert before the eye operation

Ten thousand patients have already undergone an eye operation, almost all of them without complications and to their great satisfaction. Because life without glasses or contact lenses looks better and feels more comfortable. Yet many people are still afraid of having an eye operation.

If you are considering an eye operation, then you need to be sure about your decision, and aware of the limited risks and the possible complications of an eye operation and the use of the eye laser. For more information and reassurance, contact Dr. Vryghem. Or visit our clinic. Then you can see it with your own eyes.

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