Advantages Femtolasik

The most important advantages of the “All-Laser” LASIK are:

  • Reduced risk for flap related problems such as buttonholes and too small or incomplete cuts, which, when occurring with the mechanical keratome, impose the postponing of the surgery with 3 months.
  • If necessary the cutting can be stopped, adapted and restarted.
  • Elimination of frequently occurring problems related to the epithelium after the age of 40 in case of mechanically made flaps.
  • A larger surface to be treated and thus a limitation of side effects compared to the micromechanical cut, even when the diameter is smaller.
  • Reduced risk for inflammations and infections.
  • Reduced risk for folds and movements in the flap.
  • A more stable result.
  • A smaller amount of re-do’s.

Thinner flaps

The flap is so thin and the cut so well made that there are practically no astimatogeneous side effects nor significant aberrations. Thin flaps allow for more stromal bed to be saved: the stability of the cornea in the long term is more ensured in this way and it also allows for larger refractive errors to be corrected by means of the LASIK technique.   

Grafiek dunne flap femtolasik

Higher predictability in flap thickness

  • A higher predictability with regards to the shape, thickness, dimensions and nature of the flap. This is different from the flap made by the keratome for which the surgeon only knows afterwards what the flap looks like.
  • A smooth, homogeneous, regular and highly predictable flap.


  • The system is independent of the dimensions of the ocular globe.
  • A faster healing and recovery of the eye sight.
  • A larger amount of indications for LASIK.
  • Excellent visual results.

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