Laser Keratoplasty

Holmium or diode Laser Keratoplasty

8 or 16 burns are made by these lasers in the corneal periphery: this application of heat causes scarring in the form of a fibrous band that makes the central cornea bulge out. The curvature of the cornea is steepened, light rays are focused forwards nearer to the retina, thus allowing correction of small hyperopias or hyperopic astigmatism (in the latter case if the treatment has been applied in one meridian of the cornea only).


This treatment is quick and almost painless. The central part of the cornea remains untouched and the surgical risk is minimal i.e. no ablation of or incision in the cornea.


Initially an overcorrection is needed, which results in temporary myopia.
The effect of the treatment may be variable and may regress in the long term.
Side-effects may take the form of over- or undercorrections, haloes or glare which may be more pronounced in night vision.


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