Refractive lens exchange

This is a cataract operation performed on severe myopics or hyperopics over 50 years of age with no residual accommodation capacity. The lens is replaced with an implant whose refractive power is calculated to correct the myopia or hyperopia. Modern pseudo-accomodative (AMO Array) or accomodative lenses (Crystalens) allow even a good vision at close distance, thus eliminating the need for reading glasses.
This surgery requires an in-depth examination of the peripheral retina; any retinal tears are protected by a barrier of laser points prior to the surgery to prevent retinal detachment. The risks are the same as for a cataract operation but are in any event very small. The most severe complication would be an intra-ocular infection (1 chance in 1000).

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refractieve lens exchange

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3 days before surgery:

• Buy the following medication : Tobrex, Tobradex and Indocollyre
• 3 days before the treatment instill :
o 3x a day 1 drop of Tobrex in the eye to be treated
o 3x a day 1 drop of Indocollyre in the eye to be treated
• Contact the driver who is to bring you.

On the day of  the surgery:

• No mascara, cosmetics or perfume.
• We expect you 30 minutes before your appointment
• Bring the prescribed medication with you: Tobrex, Indocollyre and Tobradex.
• The examination and the surgery will take approximately 45 minutes. If there is a delay in Dr. Vryghem’s operation list your surgery time may be delayed.

During surgery:

The anaesthesia consists of three drops a few minutes before surgery.
The ophthalmologist will explain everything to you carefully.
Your eye will be kept open by an eyelid-speculum to prevent you from blinking.
The operation will take 10 to 15 minutes. During the operation you will have to fix the light of the operation microscope.               

After surgery:

Drops must be used as indicated below


 During  6 weeks
o 21 days : 4 x a day 1 drop in the operated eye
o 7 days : 3 x a day 1 drop
o 7 days : 2 x a day 1 drop
o 7 days : 1 x a day 1 drop


 3 x a day untill the bottle is empty

  When you apply the drops you must take care not to touch the eyeball : pull the lower eyelid downwards while looking up and then insert the drop. Then you can close your eye.
 Your will receive a transparant protective cap. Put it on every night for a week after surgery.
 If you feel any serious pain or are worried, contact the surgeon.
 Do not schedule any important or sporting activities for the next few days.
 During the first 2 weeks after surgery : no eye make-up, no rubbing in the eyes and do not bend your head 
 During the first 3 weeks : no heavy lifting, no swimming