Possible risks

Complications are rare and generally take the form of infections. Because of the incisions made the eyeball also becomes more fragile: a direct trauma may more easily cause corneal rupture after RK.

The most frequent after-effects are increased sensitivity to light, fluctuating vision, "stars" around light sources. These phenomena usually recede after a while. Other after-effects include increased night myopization and the need to wear spectacles for night driving, greater difficulty (if not impossibility) of wearing contact lenses, and reading may become more tiring if there is an overcorrection.

In a modified form, keratotomy can also be used to correct astigmatism. This is known as arcuate keratotomy. One or more curved peripheral incisions are made in the steepest axis of the cornea. Where there is combined myopia and astigmatism the surgeon may use both radial and curved incisions.

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Possible risks

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