Techniques for higher refractive errors

Artisan Phakic implants

Severe myopias (-8 to -22 dioptres) and hyperopias (+4 to +12 dioptres) can also be treated surgically by inserting a PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) myopia ARTISAN implant in the anterior chamber.

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Artiflex Phakic implants

The Artiflex lens is the newest foldable variety of the implantable Artisan lens. Due to its foldable characteristics the lens can be folded and inserted into the eye through an incision of only 3.2 mm.

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Foldable implant lenses were developed to correct high myopia and/or hyperopia, that could be inserted into the eye through a small incision and positioned in the space between the iris and the natural crystalline lens.

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