Artiflex Phakic implants

The Artiflex lens is the newest foldable variety of the implantable Artisan lens. Due to its foldable characteristics the lens can be folded and inserted into the eye through an incision of only 3.2 mm. The anesthesia does not occur any longer by an injection-anesthesia but by anesthetic drops. Because of this small incision, stitches are not necessary, the recovery is quicker and the result is more predictable because it causes practically no astigmatism (deformation of the cornea). Like the Artisan lens, the Artiflex lens is attached to the iris.

The Artiflex lens can be applied with myopia between –2 and –14.5. A version for the correction of myopia and astigmatism is in development.   For the moment we still have to use the classic non-foldable Artisan lens herefor.

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