Myopic maculopathy

In general

We talk about myope maculophathy when there are degenerative aberations of the central cornea with a strong near-sided patient. This is a consequence of a progressive augmentation of the diameter of the eye and the thinning of the retina.


An exam of the eye fundus shows around the eye nerve a border of astrofisch or thinnened retina. There can also occur fully backpole atrofische damage.  With a number of patients we also see lines of fissure at the hight of Bruch's mebrane that is under the retina. The presence of choroidale (= below the retina) new formation of vessels results in a fall of sight sharpness and metamorphopsie.
Fluoreceïne-angiography allows us to see clearer the lines of fissure and possible new formation of vessels. In case of new formation of vessels is masked by a bleeding, we need indocyan green angiography to show these.


The loss of vision is serious and quickly progressive in cas of new formation of vessels that are based under the center of the retina.


The treatment of choroidale new formation of vessels, based next to the center of the retina, rest on lasercoagulation. If the new formation of vessels is under the center, we can perform photodynamic therapy.

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