Vorbereitungen auf den Eingriff

Post-operative examinations

These appointments take place at Dr. Vryghem’s private practice address or at the Clinique St-Jean, Ophthalmology Department (-2 level), Rue du Marais 104, 1000 Brussels depending on the consultation schedule. If you were recommended to Dr. Vryghem by your ophthalmologist your post-operative examinations may take place at the latter’s address.



One week before surgery:

  • Remove your soft contact lenses.
  • Hard or oxygen-permeable contact lenses must be removed at least 3 weeks in advance, especially if you have been wearing them for a long time.

One day before surgery :

  • Obtain the following medication which will have been prescribed during the pre-operative examination: Dafalgan Codeine (tranquiliser), Trafloxal collyre (anti-inflammatory), Indocollyre (pain killer), Systane and Oxyal / Hyal-Drop (artificial tears) and huil de lin.
  • No mascara.
  • Contact the driver who is to bring you.

On the day fixed for the surgery:

  • No mascara, cosmetics or perfume.
  • 1/2 hour before your appointment : (this is your time of arrival) : take 1 Dafalgan Codeine tablet to calm you. It may make you feel sleepy.
  • Bring with you: Indocollyre, Trafloxal collyre and Systane and Oxyal / Hyal-Drop (do not open the bottles).
  • The examination and the surgery will take approximately 1 hour. If there is a delay in Dr. Vryghem’s operation list your surgery time may be retarded.

During surgery:

The anaesthesia consists of three drops a few minutes before surgery.

The ophthalmologist will explain everything to you carefully : expect no surprises!
Your eye will be kept open by an eyelid-speculum to prevent you from blinking. The surgeon places a metal ring onto your eye that will be filled with an alcohol solution.   After a few seconds, the alcohol solution will be absorbed.   With PRK the epithelium will be scraped.   The cornea will be rinsed to remove eventual impurities and will be dried.   With LASEK the epithelium will be rolled up and will be placed back after the treatment.   Now the laser will be activated. It is essential that you look at the small red or green light in the microscope during treatment. You will hear a crackling noise and sense a faint smell of burning. This is caused by the burning of tissue and is entirely normal. Your eye will then be irrigated and a “bandage” contact lens will be placed on your eye.   The total treatment takes about 10 minutes per eye.   When both eyes are treated the same day, the right eye is treated first.

After surgery:

Drops must be used as indicated below :

From the day on which the surgery takes place

Trafloxal collyre (anti-inflammatory): 4 times per day during the week following surgery.
Indocollyre (pain killer): as required, if you feel any sensation of sand or burning in the eye(s).

From the day aftrer surgery you will have to add :

Systane (artificial tears): up to 8 times per day, especially during the first week following surgery. If you still feel dryness, please continue with Oxyal / Hyal-Drop.
Huil de lin : 2 gellules a day, one in the morning, one in the evening with the meal.
When you apply the drops you must take care not to touch the eyeball : pull the lower eyelid downwards while looking up and then insert the drop. Then you can close your eye.
The contact lens will stay on your eye for 3 days. During this time you are not yet functional: the view will remain blurry, the eye can be painfull and red.   After 3 days the contact lens is removed during the post-operative examination and the view will brighten slowly. The pain and the redness will take off.   The vieuw clears in within one week but the quality of the view will increase within 1-2 months after surgery.

If you feel any serious pain or are worried, contact the surgeon.

Do not schedule any important or sporting activities for the next few days.
During the first 10 days after surgery : no make-up
During the first 3 weeks : no swimming !
During 6 months: avoid UV radiation (when you go in bright sunlight, use sun glasses)

If only one eye has had surgery, it is advisable to remove the lens of your glasses on the operated side, because this lens will no longer be suitable. The difference between the two eyes will now be quite plain, especially if the correction was significant (e.g. more than 3 dioptres) and you will find it difficult to use your glasses. If you have to drive be aware that your depth perception is impaired until such time as the other eye has been treated. Take careful note of the post-operative controls to be done by your ophthalmologist on the third and tenth days after surgery. The final result will be examined after 6 weeks, when any necessary extra treatment will be scheduled.

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