Schwind Amaris 750S

Dr. Vryghem has always elected to be the first to purchase the most modern and advanced equipment because he strives to make available the latest and most innovative technology for his patients. In August 2011 the Wavelight Allegretto Eye-W 400 Hz was replaced by the technologically superior Schwind AMARIS 750 S excimer laser. The Schwind Amaris laser is the most advanced and innovative excimer laser on the market, currently offering the most accuracy and reliability in the area of refractive eye surgery and outperforming all other excimer lasers.

The most important features of the Amaris 750 S are as follows:

  • The Schwind Amaris 750 S excimer laser is currently the fastest excimer laser on the market. Its treatment frequency has been increased to 750 Hz. This is only 400 Hz in other excimer lasers.
  • The 6-dimensional turbo eyetracker (1050 Hz) follows every movement of the eye via an infra-red high-speed camera tracking system with a frequency of 1050 images per second. As a result, all movements are recorded, including pupil and limbus tracking and rotation balance.

  • The treatable optical zone is 10 mm, in comparison to only 8 mm for other excimer lasers. This reduces the risk of halos and other disturbing visual phenomena after laser treatment.
  • Wavefront adjusted and corneal wavefront technology is integrated as standard in the eye laser treatments. This technology assures the quality of normal vision, night vision and contrast vision. Every treatment is therefore completely customised.

The tissue flap is made with the Crystal Line Ziemer LDV Femtosecond laser. The creation of a flap using a Femtosecond laser significantly increases the safety of the procedure. The Crystal Line Ziemer LDV allows for the creation of the tissue flap in less than 20 seconds.

In order to be able to combine all aspects of refractive and corneal therapeutic surgery in one package, Dr. Vryghem has invested in accessory diagnostic tools to go with the Schwind laser:

The SCHWIND Corneal Wavefront Analyzer offers all the possibilities of an innovative topography system.

The analysis of corneal wavefront data, by the ray tracing method, allows for the easy and precise determination of all types of existing optical anomalies on the front of the cornea. Even the smallest irregularities can be observed, without the need for pupil dilation. Both deep-set and small eyes can easily be measured.

The Schwind Ocular Wavefront Analyzer is one of the latest generation of multifunctional aberrometers. The optical features of the whole eye can be recorded simultaneously: the ocular wavefront of the whole eye, adaptation, the curvature of the cornea and the diameter of the pupil.

The Schwind Sirius is a 2-in-1 system: a combination of a rotating Scheimpflug camera with a Placido’s disk. This allows for a 3-dimensional analysis of the whole cornea and the anterior eye segment. More than 100,000 analysis points ensure that even the smallest anomalies are recorded. It is a non-contact measurement, whereby an analysis of the whole corneal wavefront can be made: topography of front and rear side of the cornea, as well as of the anterior chamber. The Sirius is an extremely efficient tool for keratoconus screening and allows for the creation of very detailed descriptions of the morphology and classification of a keratoconus. Corneal pachymetry mapping of the eye can also be used for corneal transplants.

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