High-Intensity UV Crosslinking

Dr. Vryghem was the first in Belgium to introduce high-intensity UV-Crosslinking, thanks to the UV-X 2000 radiation system. The new lamp has multiple advantages:

  • An optimised radiation profile takes into account the thickness of the cornea. This increases the treatment depth of the crosslinking in the periphery of the cornea, because this part is thicker than the central section. This means that a greater section of the tissue can be treated. The cornea is strengthened even more than with the traditional UV-Crosslinking treatment.

    hoog intensiteit
  • Thanks to the high intensity illumination provided by the UV-X 2000 the treatment only takes 10 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes for a traditional treatment.

  • The optical design ensures minimal radiation of the retina. The rays to which the cornea is exposed are immediately bent behind the cornea as a result of the optically diverging radiation in the eye.

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