The operation

The procedure takes place ambulatory and takes about one hour and the anesthesia consists of drops. At first, the epithelium of the cornea (thin surface layer) will be abrased, in order to allow penetration of riboflavin (vit. B2) into the corneal stroma. The riboflavin solution is applied onto the cornea during 30 minutes. Next, the cornea will be irradiated during 30 minutes with UV light (365 nm). During the irradiation, a drop of serum physiologique is applied every 2 minutes to irrigate the cornea.

close-up UVCL  UVCL

At the end of the treatment, a “bandage” contact lens will be placed on the cornea. It will stay on the eye for 3 days, before the ophthalmologist removes it. Antibiotic drops and artificial tears will be prescribed.

The eye can be a little painful after the treatment. The pain will take off after 48 hours. The eyes are sometimes red for a few days after the treatment, this is completely normal.

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The operation
Preparing for an operation

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