Preparing for an operation


Please arrive 30 minutes in advance

Post-operative examinations:

These appointments take place at Dr. Vryghem’s practice address.

If you were recommended to Dr. Vryghem by your ophthalmologist your post-operative examinations may take place at the latter’s address.



One week before surgery:

  • Remove your soft and hard contact lenses out of the eye on which surgery will be performed. If it’s only possible to perform surgery on one eye you only need to remove the contact lens out of that eye.

Before surgery:

  • Contact lenses can be worn until the day preceding surgery.
  • Obtain the following medication: Dafalgan Codeine tablets (tranquilizer), Isoptocarpine eye drops (to have a small pupil before surgery), Tobradex eye drops (anti-inflammatory), Tobrex eye drops (see below) and Diamox tablets (against high pressure).
  • 3 days before the treatment: 3 times a day 1 drop of Tobrex in the eye to be treated

The day before surgery:

  • No mascara
  • Contact the driver who is bringing you.

The day of surgery:

  • No mascara, make-up
  • 1 hour before surgery: Isoptocarpine: every 15 minutes 1 drop in the eye to be treated
  • ½ hour before your appointment (this is your time of arrival): take 1 Dafalgan Codeïne tablet to calm you. It may make you feel sleepy.
  • Bring with you: Tobradex drops (do not open the bottle) and Diamox tablets
  • The examination and surgery will take approximately 1 hour. If there is a delay in Dr. Vryghem’s operation list your surgery time may be retarded.

During surgery:

  • The anesthesia consists of 3 eye drops before the surgery
  • The ophthalmologist will explain everything to you carefully: expect no surprises.
  • Your eye will be kept open by an eyelid-speculum to prevent you from blinking.
  • You will feel no pain at all.
  • The entire treatment takes more or less 25 minutes for each eye.

After surgery

  • The transparent protective cap must be worn at night during 1 week following surgery. Immediately after surgery you take one Diamox tablet and if necessary you take one more before going to bed and/or the following morning.
  • Drops must be used as indicated (after surgery):
  • Tobradex eye drops (anti-inflammatory):
    During the 3 first weeks: 1 drop 4x/ day
    During the 4th week: 1 drop 3x/day
    During the 5th week: 1 drop 2x/day
    During the 6th week: 1 drop 1x/day
    The technique to put drops in the eye is of utmost importance:
    Do not touch the eyeball. Gently pull the lower eyelid downwards while looking up and then insert the drop. Then you can close your eye.
  • You will be back to normal the following morning except that your sight will not yet be perfect. After the first intervention you will mainly be troubled because of the big difference between both eyes.
  • If you feel any serious pain or are worried, contact the surgeon.
  • Do not schedule any important or sporting activities for the next few days.
  • During the first 3 weeks after surgery: no eye rubbing !!!
  • During the 3 first weeks: no swimming.
  • During the 2 first weeks: no mascara.
  • Avoid exposition to dust! · Take careful note of the post-operative examinations to be done by your ophthalmologist on the 1st, 3rd, 10th (optional control) and 6th week following surgery, until the healing of the wound. The evaluation of the healing will take place after approximately 6 weeks.

If you want more information, or would like to make an appointment:
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