Advantages Lasik

Compared with PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) the healing process and inflammatory reaction are considerably reduced. The corneal epithelium and Bowman membrane are preserved and the surface layer of the cornea is less affected in its optical function. There is no subepithelial haze or stromal scar. Healing occurs very swiftly and functional visual acuity is recovered the day after the surgery. Temporary loss of contrast sensitivity may make reading more difficult at first. There is little post-operative pain.

Refraction is stabilized after 1 to 3 weeks. For myopias up to -12 dioptres the results in terms of uncorrected visual acuity are comparable to or slightly better than those achieved with PRK.

90% of patients with myopias between -2 and -12 dioptres achieved corrections of +1 to -1 dioptres. Results are more predictable for milder myopias. In case of undercorrection it is possible to improve the result by re-lifting the corneal flap and applying the laser again. With LASIK it is also possible to correct astigmatism (up to 6 dioptres) and hyperopias (up to +6 dioptres).

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